Why Vote Democrat?

Why Vote Democrat?

Why am I voting Democrat?  Because of Who will become President if Joe Biden wins.

I know it WON'T be Joe Biden.  I know his condition.  I don't know who my Comrades will put in his place, but they are sure to be a Communist like me, so I don't care.  I'm hoping somehow, we'll get Hillary Clinton this time.  (This can STILL be done!)

Why am I voting Democrat?  Because of Who I AM.

I am a COMMUNIST.  There.  I said it.

Why am I voting Democrat?  Because of the Organizations I Support.

I support the BLM Organization.  (Black Lives Matter).  I support the ANTIFA Organization.

Why am I voting Democrat?  Because of WHAT I want to Do.

I want to ELIMINATE Law Enforcement.
I want to RELEASE Criminals.
I want to OPEN our Nation's Borders for EVERYONE.
I want to make ANY SPEECH that Goes Against what I Believe CRIMINAL.
I want to make ALL Gun Ownership CRIMINAL.
I want to LOCKDOWN the Country. 
I want to LOCK the People up in their Homes. 
I want to LOCK all Small Businesses that we don't CONTROL. 
I want to LOCK schools.
I want to ELIMINATE Freedom of Religion. 
(There is no God anyway, Science tells us that.  People can Worship the Government.  The Government is God now.)
I want to CLOSE all Places of Worship.

Why am I voting Democrat?  Because HOW I FEEL.

I HATE President Donald Trump.




If you don't believe the things stated above and below,
then "you ain't black"
... oops - I meant, "you ain't a Democrat!"
You are you a stupid bastard, and
You are a lying, dog-faced pony soldier.
So you can take your deplorable and irredeemable
dumb asses out of our party!
Just vote for the other guy.

  1. I believe in Communism.  There.  I said it.
  2. I believe in Scientism, NOT God the Creator.
  3. I believe traditional family values are EVIL.
  4. I believe murdering babies (called abortion) is GOOD.
  5. I believe law enforcement is EVIL and it is a good idea to release violent criminals from jail and prison into society.
  6. I believe America is EVIL and celebrate it BURNING DOWN.
  7. I believe that the police habitually target black people and want to murder them.  I support the movement called "Black Lives Matter" and ALL that they stand for.
  8. I believe that Donald Trump is PURE EVIL and a Fascist.  That is why I am in 100% full support of Antifa.  I am an "anti-fascist" and I've been told Donald Trump is one, so I'm against him.  (Note it doesn't matter if I understand what fascism really is).
  9. I believe Donald Trump is a RACIST.  I don't care how many black people will say he is not and that it is absurd to call him one.
  10. I believe Donald Trump is not only a RACIST, he is a WHITE SUPREMACIST.  He actually believes that white people are better than everyone else and that the world would be better off without people of any other color than his orange-white self.
  11. I believe in big government.  The bigger the government, the better.  If I could get a government job, that would be the very best job anyone could ever have.
  12. I believe in raising taxes more and more and more ... got to do this to support the big government that is NEVER big enough.
  13. I believe in sharing the wealth - of other people, that is.  If someone works hard and creates wealth, it is MORAL for the government to STEAL it and give it away to people that will vote for us.  We need their votes, because working Americans aren't on board with us so much anymore.
  14. I believe in open borders.  We need "new blood" to vote Democrat, so bring them in and help them to vote for us - we are the party that will give them everything FREE by stealing from working people.
  15. I believe CRIMINALS should be protected and they should be coached and paid to vote for Democrats.


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