Top 3 Reasons to Vote Democrat

Top 3 Reasons to Vote Democrat

These top 3 are my own conclusions from discussing these political issues with others and the broad sentiment that is OBVIOUS everywhere.  These reasons are ALL EMOTIONALLY DRIVEN.

1) HATRED for President Donald Trump.

The media is largely responsible for this.  If I BELIEVED the MSM (Main Stream Media), I would HATE Donald Trump, too.

The media is doing it's best to DIVIDE the whole country and to convince Americans that Donald Trump is EVIL and those that vote for him are EVIL, too.


This fear exists because the way LEFTISTS get their way is by appointing JUDGES that disregard the US Constitution.  They CANNOT get the congress to LEGISLATE their desires, so they get the COURTS to perform their will instead.

Then, they VILIFY any nominee for the courts that will interpret the constitution according to its original intent.

The big emotional TRIGGER and dog whistle they use is the fear that the murder of unborn human beings may become illegal.  This is sick.  This is disgusting.  Why is the legal murder of unborn human beings so important to you?  Is this some kind of sick human sacrifice to Lucifer?

If you have had an abortion, I am sorry.  I am not angry with you.  God will forgive you. Seek him.  If you are performing abortions ... think about what you are doing!  You really don't believe that is a human being?  What are you doing?  Think.  Stop this practice, repent of it and ask God's forgiveness.  He will forgive you.

Don't live in fear of men.  Live in fear of God.  Honor him and obey him.


We have the GOVERNMENT schools to thank for this.  When I was in school, I was taught about these socialism and communism.  America has thrived as a free state due to capitalism being embraced and enabling free markets.

The reason we see these RIOTS (called protests) in our nation's streets now is partly due to the beliefs of the rioters.

  • They believe America (capitalism) is evil.
  • They want to destroy American.
  • They want to burn it down.
  • They don't care about Americans ... only themselves.


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