Top 10 Reasons I am NOT Voting for Trump

Top 10 Reasons I am NOT Voting for Trump

Here are my Top 10 Reasons I am NOT Voting for Trump

  1. He is a political outsider.
  2. The news media hates him. (excepting very few Fox idiots)
  3. The entertainment industry hates him.
  4. The political establishment hates him. (All Democrats & most Republicans - afraid to admit it)
  5. The intelligence community hates him and has been working with the media and the entertainment industry to take him down ever since he was elected.
  6. He believes in God and therefore, he also does NOT believe in Science.  He actually believes that a fetus of a human being is a little human being baby.  Science denier!
  7. He hasn't gotten us into more wars. (He is a businessman, he should KNOW that wars are good for our economy)  Let's replace him and get some more wars!.
  8. ONLY white supremacists, racists and stupid, backwards people vote for him.  (He hasn't done anything for black Americans.  All of those black Americans that are voting for him are also white privileged and white supremacists and neo-nazis.  Thankfully, the old ones are dying off and we're only creating our kind in our government schools now. If you vote for Trump, I hate you, too.)
  9. He has lowered too many taxes and eliminated too many regulations.  (Freedom for the people is dangerous, and we all know this.  We need to be controlled.  We are simply unable to trust our own judgment and make our own decisions. He doesn't even wear the mask like he should.)
  10. He created Covid-19 in collusion with the China he loves (and Biden hates), and then he didn't die from Covid-19Damn him.

If you are pro-Trump, I know I am probably wasting my time, but I will try to reason with you anyway.

Just let me ask you some questions and let you think about the answers.

  • Don't you believe what just about everyone is telling you about this evil man?
  • Don't you know how stupid-crazy you look to love a man that so many people hate.  This should tell you something.  Can't you hear the crowd shouting "Crucify him!"?
  • Can't you tell by these things above that Donald Trump is against us regular, working Americans?
  • Don't you trust the media? 
  • Don't you trust your real government - those that work behind the scenes with what Trump calls "the Swamp" (others call "the Shadow Government, the bureaucracy, or the world wide government or Cabal)?  
  • Don't you like how America is headed towards Socialism? 
  • Don't you know that Socialism is good and Capitalism is evil?  (This has been taught in K-12 + College for generations now.  You are either stupid because you didn't go to college or you didn't listen.)
  • Don't you know that the people that Trump refers to as "the swamp" have been working for decades to slowly but fundamentally change America?
  • Don't you know that TRUMP is the single person that is standing in the way of this great change?
  • Don't you understand that NOW is the TIME to complete this effort?
  • Don't you understand that if we are going to see the fundamental transformation of America ... TRUMP MUST GO! 
  • Can't you see that If he gets another four years, he is likely to "TRUMP" up some charges and a bunch of the ESTABLISHMENT that we NEED to keep in place will be going to jail.
  • Can't you tell that the media is doing its best to keep a lid on these problems, but people are still learning about things that would have stayed hidden if all of you deplorable, unredeemable people had simply done what you should have - you should have voted for Hillary and now you know it?


More Reasons You Should NOT Vote for TRUMP

Note: these are NOT "Conspiracy Theories".  They are facts, straight out of his big mouth on his orange head!

  1. He believes in American Sovereignty.
  2. He believes in Individual Sovereignty.  (He wants the PEOPLE to have more freedoms and we KNOW this is dangerous!)
  3. He believes in the 1st Amendment. (he thinks even Conservatives have a right to be heard)
  4. He believes in the 2nd Amendment. (wants Americans to be able to own and use guns to defend themselves against criminals and tyrants)
  5. He believes in a baby's right to be born and live.  (I actually think he believes that an unborn human is still human. How unscientific!)
  6. He believes the greatest powers and law enforcement should be kept locally.  We Democrats keep trying to get him to exert more federal force and he is reluctant to.  He knows that the several states' Governors have the Army National Guard at their disposal, but they must request this.
  7. He doesn't believe that our Military should provide a police force for the world.
  8. He doesn't believe that the USA is responsible to make every place on earth safe.  
  9. He believes his duty is to the American people, not the rest of the world.
  10. He believes we need to get our MILITARY OUT of areas where we are only serving as police (and we even have to pay the bill).
  11. He can tell the difference between a peaceful protest (which is protected by the US Constitution) and a violent riot (which is criminal).
  12. He is a fighter.  He has even warned people that if they are not nice to him, he will NOT be nice back, like all of the real, good little Republicans do.  If you hit demean him, he will diminish you.  If you hit him, he will hit you back twice as hard and multiple times.  It is like he doesn't want to start a fight, but actually tries to win when he has been attacked.  Good little Republicans simply don't behave this way.  They politely cower because "silence is golden yellow".  We Americans are have gotten quite accustomed and comfortable with LOSING.  We are used to fighting wars that we cannot win.  We are used to being taken advantage of by other nations in our trade.  We Socialist / Communist / Marxist Americans like losing.  We believe America is evil and needs to be destroyed.  We'd like to burn it down, as a matter of fact - this is why we have employed Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA.



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