The Federal Budget Deficit

Democrats: No Worries

Democrats want to spend and don't care about having a balanced budget.  

Anytime there is a budget need for something critical, they will jack up the price of the bill EXPONENTIALLY by attaching unrelated items to it.

This is a mechanism of BLACKMAIL and forcing funding for their socialist programs.

They will simply keep raising taxes on Americans.

They are content to "kick the can down the road" to future generations.

Republicans *: Big Problem

Republicans recognize the need to spend but they care about having a balanced budget.  Anytime there is a budget need for something critical, they would like to see it isolated and passed on its own merits by itself.

This NEVER happens, however, because the DEMOCRATS will NEVER let such a bill pass.  They will get their bells and whistles attached to the bill or they will vote it down.

Republicans will lower taxes and try to cut the size of government to try and achieve a balanced budget.



The Federal Budget Deficit

The Federal Budget Deficit


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