The Democrat Party & The Republican Party
Have Both Had Hostile Takeovers!

Biden   |   Trump


by the LEFT

Leftists (Marxists, Socialists & Communists) have taken over the Democrat Party.  It was previously under the control of liberals and moderates with a few conservatives in the minority. 

They have ALL been 100% silenced or forced out.  Voters that were liberal, moderate or conservative within the Democrat Party have abandoned the party and become Independents or Republicans.

The voting block that is voting for Joe Biden are people that (understandably) believe everything they are told by the main stream media. 

Anyone that believes the nearly 100% negative position that the MSM takes in its violent opposition to the man that the PEOPLE elected for President of the United States will naturally vote against him, along with all of those that are committed Marxists, Socialists & Communists.

Joe Biden is their Puppet

A Puppet

Is Feckless

Is Politicized

Is Unsettled

A Career Politician

Has an Unbridled Mouth

A Cabal Operative


by the CENTER

Populists (Liberals, Moderates & Conservatives) have taken over the Republican Party.  It was under the control of Moderates & Conservatives with a few Liberals & Socialists (referred to as Rinos) in the minority.  

The Populists voted for Donald Trump over the broad field of Republican Candidates because they wanted someone that represented Americans (instead of their own interests) to lead the country.  Voters that are Liberals & Socialists within the Republican Party have been mostly revealed by their open opposition to the President, and they continue to oppose him.

Donald J. Trump has not disappointed those who voted for him.  He has done what he said we would do.  Many of them are more Conservative than he is, but he was what they saw to be their only choice to begin the process of restoring the American republic.

Donald Trump is their Leader

A Pioneer

Is Fearless

Is Principled

Is Unwavering

A Career Businessman

Has an Unbridled Mouth

A Cabal Opponent

Is it Time for a New Party that Represents We the PEOPLE?

We the PEOPLE (the majority of Americans) have NOT been well represented by EITHER Party.  We the PEOPLE mostly find politics REPULSIVE.  We simply want the government to get the hell out of our lives and leave us alone.

We want to work at our jobs, run our businesses and carry on our personal and family affairs without the government poking its heads into our business at every turn.

We would like to see the government shrink, shrink, shrink.

We're Fed Up with the Fed

The federal government is BLOATED and ineffectual at almost everything EXCEPT intruding where it is not welcome, both at home and abroad.  We KNOW corruption is rampant in BOTH parties.  Any politician that is ENRICHING themselves while in office is in it for the MONEY, not the PEOPLE.

They have been SELLING US OUT to special interest groups and other countries.  MANY of them are guilty of TREASON and we think some of them are guilt of even worse.  We'd like to see them PUNISHED appropriately for their CRIMES.

Require Term Limits or Get the Same

Our Republic needs representatives that represent us and they need to have a limited term or they will most likely become corrupted.  They will get bogged down in the "swamp" or they will become compromised and controlled via blackmail.  We need them to serve for a limited period and go back to work for an honest living.

It is UNFAIR for us to let them stay and stay and stay and stay and stay.  This "STAYING" is KILLING our country!

Black Lives Matter!

Black Lives Matter is a great slogan.  Racism is wrong.  Any color person can be a racist and it is always wrong.  It is wrong to MISTREAT any human being, for any reason.  A person that believes they are "better" than someone else due to the lack of or preponderance of melanin in their skin is repulsive to me.

The color that is important is the color of our BLOOD.  It is always RED.  The "life of the flesh is in the blood" - not the skin.  (Leviticus 17:11).  God has made us ALL of one blood (Acts 17:26).

Black Lives MatterOf course! 

We Democrats believe Black Lives Matter.  We just don't believe Babies Lives Matter - so we want the government to pay for killing them.  We want to destroy God's image that He has put into man. 

Democrats, we can think of it this way: it's like offering a human sacrifice to Lucifer - this way we can protect it by claiming it to be a part of our religious devotions.  How will the Christians feel about that?  We've got freedom of religion, even though they don't.

If my memory is correct, we fought a bloody civil war, largely as a result of making this point loud and clear.  Our founders KNEW they had a problem when they said,

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. 

Some of them were slave owners themselves.  How could they pen such words?  They recognized the practice of slavery was a moral blight upon the nation and it would have to be rectified in order for the values of the Declaration of Independence to be realized.

More Americans died in the Civil War than ALL of our other wars put together.  Think about this.

Uncle Tom's Cabin (published in March of 1852) was widely read and is an American classic.  It was a treatise on how slavery in the USA must end.  It was widely read and had great influence on the population and played a significant role in awakening the Americans to the problems with slavery.

The US Civil War began less than ten years after its initial publication.

The political issue of the Civil War was the rights of States versus the Federal Government, but it was moral and spiritual component was slavery.

Systemic Racism?

Racism still exists in our country and it always will because you have people that haven't figured out yet that there is only one race: human.  We all have the same color blood, and that is what matters.  Skin color is a non-issue for most of us now.

Systemic Racism only lives in the hearts of those that imagine it to be true.  If it is in a political party, ... then think Democrats.  The Democrat Party was the party of th south AND SLAVERY and also the Jim Crow Laws and Segregation.

The Republican Party was formed to END SLAVERY.  It is simple history.

Your skin color today is not holding you back from anything.  Laziness and excuses will definitely hold you back.  Poverty is not due to skin color.  We need to deal with real issues, not try to manufacture more issues in order to divide the country.

Cops Love Killing Black People?

Bullshit.  There are good people and bad people with all different colors of skin.  There are good people and bad people that claim all different religions.  There are good people and bad people that are male or female.

The heart of mankind is not shaped by their skin color, religious expression or gender.

Since there are bad people, there are bad people in EVERY profession.  If a police officer or law enforcement officer is abusing people of any color, it is wrong.  Deal with it.  If an individual becomes a part of the police or law enforcement and they indeed hold racist views, that is wrong.  Get rid of them.  If they have committed crimes, charge them, convict them and punish them.

But, as the saying goes, "Don't throw out the baby with the wash!" (Get rid of bad cops without eliminating the great cops).

DEFUND (Eliminate) the Police?

INSANITY!  I wish we didn't need the police.  However, that is ONLY A WISH.  The REALITY is we NEED the Police.  I know that the only elected, local law enforcement that we have is the county Sheriff.  I understand that Constitutional Role.

I understand that the Sheriff has the power to "deputize" and therefore authorized others to help with law enforcement.  However, with the growth of our cities it makes sense to me that we have "constables" "peace officers", or "justices of peace" or "police" or "cops: Constables on Patrol" to help within our cities.

If we are going to eliminate the police, we need to expand our Sheriff's departments at the same time.

The police are there to serve and protect. they are NOT mostly corrupt! 

This is opening the door to ANARCHY!  Someone is going to be in control.  The gang leaders and thugs you are going to end up with ... the only "checks and balances" they are going to have are the local citizens or local, organized militias.


Antifa is filled with leftists, criminals and insurrectionists.  They should be arrested and imprisoned.  They are inciting violence and RIOTING.  The difference between VIOLENT RIOTS and PEACEFUL PROTESTS is clear to us Americans.

Why don't Democrats speak out against this?  Why does the media continue to LIE and promote their propaganda?

By definition, ANTIFA is supposed to mean anti-fascists.  Wake up.  The majority of Americans are opposed to Fascism, but we're not burning the country down.  These people are just using the term as an excuse.



The Democrat and Republican Parties Have Been Overtaken

The Democrat and Republican Parties Have Been Overtaken


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