Democrats: Universal

Democrats want universal, government funded and government managed, top-down healthcare for everyone in the country, including non-citizens and transients.

Combined with the desire for open borders, anyone could come to the USA and receive free health care.

This will be financed by adding more taxes and increasing the tax rates.

Democrats want the people to be DEPENDENT upon the government for providing their health care.

Republicans *: Individual

Republicans see a need for the government to provide assistance for the poorest of Americans.

Programs already exist so no one is denied health care or hospitalization due to an inability to pay.

As far as health insurance is concerned, Republicans think Americans should be able to select their own insurance and not have to rely upon the government.

Republicans see government subsidized health care as a safety net only for the poor.


On this issue, Donald Trump is taking more of a Socialist's position.  He is not a purist in his conservative leanings.  He is very much a pragmatic.  He is in favor of expanding the federal government's role in health care.

My Position?

The government is NOT my doctor and is NOT responsible for my health.  I am.  I think the government is way to big and is overreaching.  I'd like the government to GET OUT of health care completely.  

We can take care of ourselves.  We can take care of each other.  We are better at this than the government.



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