Gun Policy

Democrats: Control & Eliminate

Democrats have been pushing, pushing, pushing and encroaching on the 2nd amendment for decades.

They continue to try and convince people that guns kill people.

They use every opportunity that arises to further this narrative.

They refuse to admit that the very place in the USA that has the most strict gun laws also has the most murders: Chicago.

Gun laws only work for law-abiding people, who don't murder people, by the way.

Republicans *: Hands Off!

Republicans are by and large strong advocates for the second amendment.

They believe it is VITAL that the PEOPLE maintain the right to KEEP and BEAR arms.

They believe this is necessary, first of all, so the PEOPLE can defend themselves against the potential of their own government's tyranny.

Secondarily, the PEOPLE need to be able to protect their own person, their family and property.

They also KNOW that guns don't kill people.  People do.




Gun Policy

Gun Policy


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