Evolution and Racism - Science or Scientism?

Evolution and Racism - Science or Scientism?

Evolution and Racism - Science or Scientism?

Do You Believe in Science?  No!

  • I BELIEVE in God.
  • I PRACTICE science.

BELIEF is a matter of faith, NOT science.

  • SCIENCE, by the very meaning of the word, is KNOWLEDGE.

What is passed off as "science" or "knowledge" in biology (evolution) is NOT science.  It is a FAITH in a story about that past.  It is NOT something that can be PROVEN by the "scientific method."

I am aware that "the scientific method" has largely been abandoned, for for good reason.  The Scientists CANNOT achieve the outcomes that they want using the scientific method, so they use "models" instead now.  We can call this "SCIENTISM". 

Scientism is a religion that pretends empirical knowledge that it does not have.

Was Darwin a Scientist?

Did Darwin (the "founder" of the evolutionary theory) believe in evolution.  Isn't this what he revealed in his book, "The Origin of the Species" ... or not?

Darwin Said Africans were Less Evolved than White People

Darwin was a Scientific (believer in Science) WHITE SUPREMACIST.

If you believe in EVOLUTION,
you are a WHITE SUPREMACIST, too.

You could "welcome me to the club", but I would refuse to join.

If you are an Evolutionist (believer in Science),
you don't BELIEVE in God,
but you've got more FAITH than most people that say they do.

How you can see and experience EVERYTHING in the natural world, with your naked eye, microscopes and telescopes and then come to the conclusion that it is ALL here by some cosmic accident billions of years ago requires a HELL of a lot of faith - and if you don't repent of this position, HELL will welcome you soon enough.

Then, you will start believing in the Creator instead, but it will be eternally too late for you.  Why wait until it is too late?

Repent of your worship of man and belief in a fairy tale that denies the existence of God.  Put your faith in the blessed and only Potentate, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus Christ instead.

Worship the one that CREATED the heavens and the earth and all that is therein.

If you will REPENT of your SIN of UNBELIEF, God will forgive you and Jesus Christ will welcome you into Heaven.

You will spend eternity somewhere.  Where do you want to spend it?

"All men ARE Created equal" is true.  We ALL came from the same parents.  We are ALL related.  Stop fighting.  STOP believing in science and START believing in God instead.

God will FILL You with HIS LOVE for all men.
Racism is Ended.


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