Joe Biden, Our Amazing Candidate for President!

As a True Democrat, Joe Biden Disrespects Our Military

Joe Biden Dishonors our Military by Calling them Stupid Bastards!  YES!

"... and I want you to know, notwithstanding what you may hear about me, I have incredibly good judgement: 1) I married Jill, and 2) I appointed Johnson to the academy, I just want you to know that ... so clap for that you stupid bastards ... "

Look at the image below before you play the video.  It doesn't look like the STUPID BASTARDS are very happy with Joe.  Maybe that is why the had to be COMMANDED to "Clap for that, YOU STUPID BASTARDS."  Joe Biden thinks our military is filled with stupid bastards.

My two youngest children are Marines.  They are smart.  They are patriots.  They should be respected.

Joe probably thinks you are a stupid bastard, too.

Or maybe, he just thinks you are a "lying dog-faced pony soldier."

Listen to Joe Biden ... You Should Have Gotten Bernie the OPEN Communist Instead ...

YOU STUPID BASTARDS! (Gotta love that!)

"So Clap for that YOU STUPID BASTARDS!" (He's our Democrat Candidate!)

Creepy Joe Biden Just being Joe Biden Just Being Himself ...

Joe Biden Has Problems with Cognition and Memory

Joe Biden Flip Flops - No Real Conviction, Only Convenience ...

Joe Biden Master of Gaffes


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